Introducing IMS

Institutions Management System (IMS)

IMS is a virtual learning platform designed to provide educators, administrators and learners a very powerful, secure and integrated system to create custom- made learning environments. IMS for Teaching and Learning is designed to include maximum students with minimum staff and infrastructure. It delivers a set of powerful learner centric tools and collaborative learning environments that empower both teaching and learning. It is simple and very easy to use with features such as drag and drop tools.


Data security and privacy are safeguarded and security controls are constantly being updated and implemented. Unauthorised access, data loss and misuse are prevented. Since it is a web-based system one can access the platform from anywhere anytime using a multimedia device.


Your own unique website

Websites, generally, are great ways to in providing an area that potential investors are often mentioned, It shows what your institution is about, what it’s achieved and what it is able to do within the future.

Android app

Your own app (Institution Name) fully branded in Google Play

Software Support

Software Training sections for teachers and 24/7 Priority Support

Admin Login

Can identify, analyze and track all the activities and issues inside the IMS Platform

Separate User Login

We provide separate Username and Password for each student

Subject wise Class Room

You can access all data related to the class, and manage your students from one single window.


Get notified of various events and to make the campus paperless

Video Classes

 Easily manage the online transition of your school with Video Classes


Get announcements of various events and to make the campus paperless

Class Notes

Get notified of various events and to make the campus paperless

Text Books

IMS provide special area for subject wise text books


Effective attendance management, daily, weekly, monthly, subject wise reports


Use anywhere any time on any device-Convenience and the ability to learn at any place and any time.


Conduct online examinations and assessments with ease using the online examination

Kite Videos

IMS provide special area for connecting KITE Video’s


The teacher can create and give assignments. students can submit the finished assignments through the platform

Subject Wise Login

In Tech Aventure IMS, each subject is a community, and the teacher is a moderator that leads that community. So clicking on a batch is like entering into the classroom where you can see all the students and their details.

Creative solutions

Tech Aventure IMS is consistently reviewed, and improve upon feedback from teachers. It simplifies the daily academic / administrative activities drastically  reducing the workload of the teachers and management.


Tech Aventure IMS comes with unparalleled,  state-of-the-art security features.Tech aventure IMS is equipped with multiple layers of firewall and advanced threat detection algorithms

Try It IMS!

IMS frequently being reviewed and improved to suit the current and evolving needs of its users. It can be scaled to support the needs of small classes as well as large global groups of over million users.