Makes Teaching and Learning most Economical and Flexible

OLTP provides you online virtual classroom either in video mode or audio mode

You will be able to accommodate thousands of students in a virtual classroom

You can share the expertise of an excellent teacher to all students at a time

The virtual platform supports teaching, learning and progress assessments

You can minimise the loss of working days due to pandemics and natural calamities

You will be able to build a global classroom regardless of geographical limitations

You can minimise the staff pattern and maximise the student’s benefits

OLTP for Teaching and Learning is designed to include maximum students with minimum staff and infrastruture. It delivers a set of powerful learner centric tools and collaborative learning environments  that empower both teaching and learning. It is simple and very easy to  use with features such as drag and drop tools.

Built in media support facilities are provided to insert lessons and supporting materials as video and audio files. Assessment and grading system ensure progress measurements of the students and make teaching and learning .effective and result oriented

OLTP frequently being reviewed and improved to suit the current and  evolving needs of its users. It can be scaled to support the needs of small  classes as well as large global groups of over million users

 Data security and privacy are safeguarded and security controls are constantly  being updated and implemented. Unauthorised access, data loss and misuse are prevented. Since it is a web based system one can access the platform .from any where anytime using a multimedia device


TAVP Features

Designed to support teaching and learning

User friendly and flexible

Multiple applications in one platform

Self and group assessment facilties

High security and privacy

Always up to date

Use any where any time on any device

Tracking facility for progress measurement

External resources connectivity

Multimedia integration for audio-video presentations

Learner evaluation and grading facilities

Review and feedback facilities

Small and large scale user connectivities